If you would like to be added to the waitlist for a certain property or night that wasn’t available when booking please fill out the form below.

  • If you were able to book a portion of the nights needed and are still in need of additional nights, you will be asked to provide your ARN confirmation number below. If the night(s) you’re requesting become available, they will be added to your reservation and you will receive an email confirming this. 

  • If your entire stay is unavailable, once the dates become available you will receive an email with a booking link and have 48 hours to book your room. Please be sure to check your email regularly for updates.

If the dates you are requesting are not available one month prior to the event start date, your waitlist request will be cancelled. You will receive confirmation once this is completed.

Please note that the waitlist is not a guarantee, however we will do our best to accommodate and recommend having a back-up reservation at a different property in case we cannot confirm your waitlist request. Please refer to your original link to book this reservation or call us at 502.354.9103.